At Piola, we encourage our customers to act responsibly and recycle their pizza boxes.

We make it easy to recycle. Our boxes are made of zucchini fibers and plant-based ink. This makes the recycling process easier. Just don’t try to eating one because it won’t be easy to digest.

We make sure to include a piece of wax paper under each pizza. That’s to protect the box from getting soiled. Ever notice a pizza box with grease spots? Not pretty and not recyclable.

How to Recycle a Pizza Box

Every municipality has its recycling rules, and most homeowners associations have strict garbage and waste protocols. But generally, here’s how to recycle your pizza boxes (works for paper bags and bakery boxes too):

  • Remove all food and paper before placing your pizza box in the recycling bin.
  • Make sure your box is not greasy or wet. Soiled and wet pizza boxes can’t be recycled by most recyclers. 
  • If part of your pizza box isn’t free from grease or liquid, remove the dirty part and place the rest in the recycling bin.

“When our customers recycle a Piola pizza box, there’s less impact on the environment because of the materials we use,” said Stefano Carniato, co-founder and CEO of Piola USA. “We find that they appreciate our commitment to the environment.”