Business Concept

At Piola, the most genuine Italian tradition of simple and delicious food combines cleverly with a particular service and ambience for the demanding and modern customer, who chooses Piola aware of the fact that feeling comfortable is as im-portant as eating well. People from all walks of life and backgrounds meet and gather at Piola, knowing they can find their own space in a carefree atmosphere where well-being and good taste are perfectly balanced. Piola’s cuisine is rigorously Italian: simple and healthy. Piola’s pizza is thin-crust and well-cooked, but above all, its menu is very creative: classic Italian pizzas are complemented with many other creations, all delicious and original. However, Piola is more, much more: Piola has opened its doors to the Arts, hosting film premieres, book and magazine events, art exhibitions and many other social and artistic activities. Piola also publishes its own Piola magazine, the embodiment of that very Piola customer experience as it happens every day around the world. Of this forty-eight-page, full-color, yearly magazine, which is edited in Italy and translated in 5 languages, one hundred thousand copies are printed and made freely available at every Piola location.

Thank you for your interest in Piola!

If you wish to be considered for Piola franchisee, we kindly ask you to carefully complete the following application online below or download and return it to our office via e-mail or mail to: Global Italian Food LLC 2575 Collins Avenue, Suite C5, Miami Beach, FL 33140 E-mail:

All information is strictly confidential and by sending the application, you are under no obligation to us. After submitting your application, it will be reviewed by one of our representatives, who will call you to discuss it in greater detail”